Sai Umesh


2 min read

Notifications are an integral part of numerous applications, serving a variety of purposes. Now, let’s delve into the diverse system designs available for implementing a robust notification system.

7 min read

We will be exploring the topic of persisting storage using Kubernetes. When we use containers to run services like databases, data loss can occur on restarts of the service due to the stateless nature of containers.

2 min read

Are you struggling with the cost of creating an Ingress for every namespace on EKS? There’s a solution: use a single load balancer to route traffic based on the host. In this blog, we’ll show you how to achieve this through a simple annotation.

3 min read

Last week at work I had to integrate an ALB with APIGateway as a proxy. While its pretty straight forward with Console, Unfortunately, it was not using CDK. This is due to my lack of complete knowledge, and their docs. Both suck 😁.